Friday, February 1, 2013

7-inch Picture Sleeve of the Week: David Bowie: “Ashes To Ashes”

I've been neglecting this blog (only posted once in January) lately because it's a busy season for Film Babble Blog but I'm going to try to remedy that this month. 

Last month, on his 66th Birthday (January 8th), David Bowie announced that he had secretly recorded a new album entitled The Next Day that would be releasing in March. To whet our appetites for the release, a video dropped online for the album’s single “We Are We Now?” The video was posted everywhere, and the single entered the UK charts at #6. It's official: the world still wants new Bowie music.

This flurry of Bowie activity inspired me to highlight the picture sleeve for one of my favorites from his catalog: “Ashes To Ashes” from his superb 1980 album Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps.

The sleeve features Bowie as Pierrott the clown/mime with white makeup and sinister expression. The image is framed by Warholian-colored squares each featuring a different pose by Bowie in the same costume. The concept and art for this cover was designed by specialist Richard Sharah.

This character, one of Bowie’s many personas over the years, appears in the video for “Ashes To Ashes,” as much a favorite of mine as the song itself:

This is another 7-inch that I don't own, but since there are copies that aren't too expensive available on Ebay, I bet it'll find its way to my collection soon.

More later...

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